Mordecai Children’s Garden Grand Opening

It was a beautiful cool Colorado morning at today’s ribbon cutting ceremony introducing the new Mordecai Children’s Garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The Colorado Children’s Choral led the festivities in joyful song, Olivia met Digger the Marmot mascot, and Janet Mordecai shared her appreciation to everyone involved.

Janet Mordecai sharing her appreciation
Olivia announcing “Digger’s” new name

CEO Bryan Vogt thanked everyone involved as well.

Here is a short video clip of Bryan thanking all of the subcontractors involved on this project:

Sculpted rock mountain atop parking structure

Colorado Hardscapes is proud of their sculpted shotcrete work at Marmot Mountain and Pika Peak. Complete with exposed aggregate colored concrete, an artificial tree, a split and polished boulder and artificial tree stump tables and chairs. Pika Peak was constructed over the parking deck structure so is built on a foam structure due to weight constraints. It was a great team of Mundus Bishop, GH Phipps, di Giacomo and Colorado Hardscapes working together. It turned out spectacular and is a project that everyone involved should be proud of. As Roger with GH Phipps put it, “This is one for the resume”.

Children’s Choral on the Bridge between Marmot Mountain and Pika Peak
Cave at Marmot Mountain
Pika Peak
Concrete tree stump tables and chairs
Marmot Mountain
Split and polished boulder at Marmot Mountain
Marmot Mountain through the Mistery Forest

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