Urban Splash Park

Barnum Park at 370 Hooker St. experienced a welcome renovation during 2010 thanks to a $1.2 million City of Denver bond project. In addition to improving two existing pools, a non-functioning pool was replaced with an interactive Splash Pad. Colorado Hardscapes worked closely with the architectural firm of BHA to bring life and vitality to this venerable neighborhood park.
This urban Splash Pad has interactive water play features, such as a slide, buckets and spray guns and is divided into two areas – one for 2-5 year olds and one for 5-12 year olds. The gray broom-finish splash pads are enhanced by bright red, green, and blue Ultra Tuff Coatings and incorporate three different wet/dry finishes. This variety of finishes and the active water features warmly and playfully invite the children into the area.
Due to vandalism on the site early on in the renovation, the work crews needed to perform at an accelerated pace to meet a delayed deadline. This tight schedule coupled with tight quarters and the complications of fitting new equipment with existing utilities added to the challenges that Colorado Hardscapes met with the expertise they are known for. While initially scheduled to open at the beginning of the summer season, the crews were able to complete their work by mid-summer for a July 29 opening. This allowed the residents to enjoy the facility for a month in 2010 and to look forward to a full season in 2011.

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