Mt Carmel, Denver Zoo, and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Well, it has been awhile since I’ve given any updates, and so much is going on! We have some exciting projects in the works and/or wrapping up. Especially for our Custom Rock division. A beautiful new mining scene at the new Mt Carmel Community Center in Trinidad, CO embraces the entryway and mural painting – bringing a piece of nature, history, and exploration inside.

The Community Center officially opens next weekend, so stay tuned for completed photos.

Colorado Hardscapes is also completing a new exhibit at the Denver Zoo called Northern Shore. This exploration streambed and sandbox gives children a place to explore and play.

And then last, but definitely not least, Colorado Hardscapes is finishing up texturing a painting a new artificial concrete tree at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the new Elephant Barn – phase 1 of the new Encounter Africa Exhibit. This tree will be an enrichment tree for the elephant, where the elephant will feed out of and guests will have the opportunity to give the elephants treats (apples). Colorado Hardscapes spent a work session yesterday with JE Dunn and Portico Group fine tuning texture and color of this African Tree. Stay tuned for new photos soon!

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