Decorative Pervious Concrete

Really?! Decorative porous concrete? Is that even possible? Unless you like the rice krispie looking concrete, you probably think I’m crazy. But… the innovators at Colorado Hardscapes are at it again. Colorado Hardscapes has a NEW pervious concrete system that is decorative! They call it “Hydrascapes”. I can’t tell you how they do it, but I can tell you that you can take any of your favorite Colorado Harsdcapes’ finishes – Sandscape, Bomanite stamped concrete, broom finish, Lithocrete – and apply the Hydrascapes system to it and viola – decorative pervious concrete.

Intrigued? Call Colorado Hardscapes for more information.Call 303-750-8200 or visit (Hydrascapes is so new, that it’s not even on the website right now)

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