Tanner Fountain

This week, my travels took me to Massachusetts, exploring the sites, visiting with family, and taking in the East Coast beauty. While there, I checked out Tanner Fountain at Harvard University. I’ve seen the photos in the past and heard the stories of the fountain and construction from Philip di Giacomo, but until you experience it first-hand, you don’t fully understand it.

This fountain, designed by Peter Walker, is remarkable. I brought my daughter with me, and she enjoyed sitting on the rocks, hopping to and from and splashing in the water. Children play in it, birds dance in the water, adults and students relax on the rocks, cooled by the mist and the shade trees. This fountain is indescribable in words the impact it has on the community, the school, and the landscape. I am honored that we, as Colorado Hardscapes, can embrace this fountain as one of the original Peter Walker/di Giacomo art pieces. 

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