Progressing in a Hardscape World

Earlier this year, Colorado Hardscapes of Denver, CO, teamed up with Progressive Hardscapes of Phoenix, AZ. Colorado Hardscapes continuously seeks ways to grow and continue to be the best in the industry. One way they accomplish this is by teaming up with the best. For example, in 1982, Colorado Hardscapes joined the Bomanite Corporation, which was renowned for being the best concrete stamping organization in the world. Since then, Bomanite evolved into the licensing agency it is today that provides many decorative concrete systems, trains and licenses decorative concrete companies around theUnited States. Colorado Hardscapes also partnered with Lithocrete and di Giacomo over the past decade as well. Both are known for their premium products and reputation.

This year, Colorado Hardscapes teamed up with Progressive Hardscapes because of their vast knowledge and experience with pervious concrete, and same commitment to quality and high-end decorative concrete finishes. Progressive successfully installed over a half a million square feet of its pervious system, Drainscape.

Drainscape Pervious Concrete
An example of Drainscape installed at Glendale Park and Ride in AZ

Colorado Hardscapes, being in a region that has suffered from poor pervious installations, wanted to adopt this company to learn from the best. In 2011, they reached the agreement to be sister companies operating inColoradoandArizona. In addition to pervious concrete, Progressive Hardscapes is also a Bomanite contractor and specializes in many of the same finishes as Colorado Hardscapes. This will allow for both companies to better service the region and their clients effectively, efficiently, and to the quality standards expected.

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