Concrete as Public Art

This winter Colorado Hardscapes’ Research and Development department explored new possibilities for art in concrete. As a premier decorative concrete contractor, Colorado Hardscapes’ passion for new and artistic approaches to concrete runs deep and is shown through its membership in organizations such as Bomanite® and Lithocrete®. Because of its past experience with Lithocrete products, when Colorado Hardscapes’ R & D team heard about Lithomosaics, they decided to check it out.


John Buteyn and David Zigterman of Colorado Hardscapes attended a training and demonstration of Lithomosaics in February and came back eager to discover its design potential and possibilities. Click here to view some photos from theirCaliforniatrip. Lithomosaics combines the art of mosaics with the durability and beauty of concrete using the Lithocrete process.

Lithomosaics is not a new product in theUnited States, but it has yet to be introduced inColorado. Colorado Hardscapes hopes to implement this unique art system into public art projects inColorado. If you would like more information about Lithomosaics, please contact John Buteyn at or 303-750-8200.

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