Who knew pervious concrete could look so good?

Pervious concrete has a reputation of not being the prettiest concrete. But, since it’s innovative and sustainable, Colorado Hardscapes decided not to give up on it so quickly. As a result, they have introduced Hydrascapes into the marketplace. Now with two successful installations in Colorado, Hydrascapes may take the pervious concrete market by storm, while implementing the benefits of storm water control! The latest installation is at Camping World in Golden.

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The first installation is at a Lakewood maintenance facility where Urban Drainage and Flood Control District are monitoring and testing the installation as a proposed alternate to traditional pervious concrete. Both installations utilized standard gray broom finish concrete. But, the beauty of Hydrascapes is the unlimited design possibilities. It can be used with stamped concrete, Sandscape Texture, Lithocrete, and event LithoMosaics! It uses the same standard detail of sub-grade prep as a Grasscrete or pervious concrete installation requires, and runs with similar costs.


And as requested – here is a close up shot:

3 thoughts on “Who knew pervious concrete could look so good?

  1. Karen, looks good. I’ll have to stop by when its raining.

  2. How about a close-up, can’t tell anything from these pictures.

    1. Great suggestion – a close-up has been added to the post.

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