Function finally meets beauty in porous paving

In order to offset the damage done by several inferior installations of pervious concrete, Colorado Hardscapes, Inc. partnered with an Arizona-based company, Progressive Hardscapes, to learn from a successful leader in the industry. Progressive Hardscapes’ history includes over 500,000 square feet of successful pervious concrete installations. The June 2008 to August 2009 moratorium on pervious concrete imposed by Urban Drainage and Flood Control District allowed the industry inColoradoto impose strict guidelines on future pervious concrete installations. Colorado Hardscapes’ 2010 partnership with Progressive Hardscapes enabled them to not only abide by those guidelines, but to learn the important nuances involved in the installation of Drainscape®,  the pervious concrete trade name used by Progressive Hardscapes for their installation techniques. The installation of 2400 SF of pervious concrete at the Golden-based National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) facility is the successful result of this technical knowledge and training.

Pervious Concrete at NREL
Colorado Hardscapes’ installation of Pervious Concrete at NREL

In addition to the traditional pervious concrete, Colorado Hardscapes also recommends the open-grid system of Grasscrete® as an excellent alternative to pervious parking lot pavement, particularly in heavy-load, industrial and commercial settings where high strength, reinforced concrete is needed. Grasscrete is a cast-in-place, reinforced, monolithic, concrete slab with void for drainage that can be filled with grass or rock. Grasscrete offers a practical solution for fire lanes and areas that need to be paved for access, but not necessarily everyday traffic. It is a great alternative to the plastic grass paver rings that are often installed, as Grasscrete will not heave over time and can withstand the load requirements for fire trucks and vehicular traffic.

But, what Colorado Hardscapes is most excited about these days in the realm of pervious concrete, is their new product Hydrascapes®. Hydrascapes allows landscape designers the ability to use any decorative concrete finish and make it pervious. It has the same sub-grade requirements as a porous concrete or open grid system, but features a more aesthetic surface finish. No longer are property owners left with the limited options of detention ponds and overflow parking to accommodate their pervious areas. Pervious concrete does not need to be a roller coaster ride for kids in grocery carts in the parking lot. Women in high heels do not need to sprain their ankles trying to walk across gravelly porous concrete or open grid paving. Now beautiful plazas, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, porte cocheres ……. anywhere there is paving and a need for perviousness, there is an opportunity to have function, beauty, and user-friendliness.

Camping World Hydrascapes
Camping World Hydrascapes
Lithocrete Hydrascapes Test Panel
Lithocrete Hydrascapes Test Panel

Colorado Hardscapes currently has two Hydrascapes® installations inColorado:

  • The Lakewood,CO vehicle maintenance facility where Urban Drainage is monitoring the slab and using it as a test panel in comparison to porous concrete
  • Camping World in Golden, CO

Both are parking lot applications and both are finished with standard gray, broom finished concrete. They show the great functionality of the system. Colorado Hardscapes is excited to see the design potential of Hydrascapes®, since it can be installed using any concrete finish, from standard gray broom finish, to stamped, to highly decorative glass or decorative aggregate seeded concrete such as Lithocrete®.

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