Concrete Art Adorns City Set

City Set is a new mixed-use development in Glendale, CO. A Hilton Garden Inn sits on one side, a Marriott Residence Inn on the other, with retail providing a lively corridor between them. General Contractor, Waner Construction, called on Colorado Hardscapes to install the decorative paving on the site. Designed by Commarts/Stantec, the paving featured fine-detailed integrally colored Sandscape and broom finished concrete. By alternating the finishes between broom and Sandscape, the concrete achieved different appearances without the expense of separate pours. In the main corridor, Colorado Hardscapes coordinated the installation of Borgert concrete pavers. The parking stalls were cleverly delineated with different concrete finishes along with the traditional marking paint. As an artistic addition to the concrete flatwork, Colorado Hardscapes sandblasted decorative symmetrical patterns into the colored concrete at the pedestrian ramps. These patterns appear to change throughout the day as the sunlight crosses them.

About half way through the project, the owners of the project, Stonebridge Companies, visited Colorado Hardscapes’ DesignCenter in reference to another project. While they were there, they came across some polished concrete with seeded glass. This immediately sparked interest of a potential finish for some cherries for the City Set site. From that point on, Colorado Hardscapes worked with them and their designers at CommArts/Stantec to fine tune the artistic idea. Colorado Hardscapes created three red, polished concrete with red glass cherries. These cherries sit aside some uncolored concrete cherries in a synthetic turf area. The cherries add a hint of art to the site that children can play, climb, and sit on. Between the high-end paving, decorative patterns, and polished red cherries, the vision of CommArts and Stonebridge add a sense of art to a new development in Colorado.

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