Wadsworth Station Open for Commuters

Client Need: In June of 2010, a meeting was held with Denver Transit to discuss the feasibility of having decorative Sandscape finish atop a bridge platform. The project consisted of a deck with a highly structural bridge for an expansion project on the Ligh tRail train system. The project had been awarded to Ed Kramer and Sons, but Colorado Hardscapes worked in partnership with them to install the Sandscape finish. The architecture firm, klipp Architecture, felt an important need to maintain a specific aesthetic quality, therefore specified Sandscape on this deck at Wadsworth Station.

Solution: As a result of the meeting held in June, new partnerships with Denver Transit, Ed Kraemer and Sons, RTD and the City of Lakewood evolved. Once coordination, details, scheduling and finishes were established, Colorado Hardscapes contracted with Ed Kraemer and Sons for them to form, reinforce and place the concrete. Colorado Hardscapes was contracted to apply the Sandscape Finish. Ed Kraemer and Sons was able to do what they do best – the structural concrete platform; and Colorado Hardscapes was able to do what they do best – the consistent and decorative finish.

Results: At the end of the project, Michael Fay of Ed Kraemer and Sons stated, “The platform finish came out a success. Your crew’s integration with ours went very well and hopefully that will continue to grow on some future work.” The deck turned out beautifully and is opening the doors to future work for all involved. In 2013 the rail line officially opened and is used daily by commuters.

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