Stamped concrete enhances the natural design pallete at the new Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

Along the Colorado terrain of Castle Rock, CO, a new hospital emerged from the rolling hills and rocky outcroppings. The hospital’s design used many natural finishes which complemented its natural surrounding. From the stone façade to the natural color palette, the building required paving which would add to the overall design as well as create functional spaces for vehicles, patients, employees and visitors.

The Landscape Architect, Norris Design, chose Bomanite imprinted concrete as the paving of choice for the porte cocheres, walkways and patios. Colorado Hardscapes installed the decorative concrete in Bomanite’s small random slate pattern in shades of brown to complement the surrounding finishes and natural environment.

Guests, patients, and employees enjoy the natural surroundings when coming to the new Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. Norris Design’s design of bringing natural elements into the design for this hospital accentuates the beauty of the natural surroundings rather than masking them with just another building. The Bomanite stamped concrete by Colorado Hardscapes complements the overall aesthetics of the development while providing functional, high quality and durable spaces.



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  1. Stamped concrete is really nice and I prefer those because they are cost effective and long lasting.Thanks.

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