Polished Concrete

I’m revamping our polished concrete section of our website (don’t go there yet – it’s not updated yet – I’ll post another update when it’s live), and it’s gotten me thinking about why polished concrete is so popular right now. Is it the appearance, the low maintenance, the sustainable attributes of it? And how do we define “polished” concrete for architects and specifiers so they will truly get the floor they envision in their minds? With these questions in mind, I started browsing through our photos of polished concrete floors Colorado Hardscapes has installed because I’m more of a visual person. And this is what I came up with:



No two floors are alike… making it very difficult to properly specify, much less market, polished concrete floors. So what I’ve resolved is to provide some inspiration and helpful design tips rather than a one-size-fits-all polished concrete guide – as there really is no such thing. So many considerations need to be in the mind of owners and designers when working with this popular medium. Such as:

  • Is the floor going to be new concrete or existing?
  • How flat is the floor that is going to be polished?
  • How many cracks are in the floor that is going to be polished?
  • Are you “ok” with irregular aggregate exposure?
  • What level of aggregate do you want to be exposed?
  • Are there any trenches or patches in the floor?
  • Is polishing really your best choice?
  • What “look” are you trying to achieve?
  • Are we going to be adding any color or materials to the “wet” concrete?
  • Is there UV exposure to any of the floors?
  • What kind of spills do you anticipate (kitchen vs. hallways)?
  • What kind of coloration are you hoping for?
  • What other trades will be in the area during construction?
  • What hours will polishing take place?
  • What kind of access do we have – are we able to get very large equipment to the area?
  • Are there any embeds?

Polished concrete is beautiful, low maintenance, durable, and authentic. At Colorado Hardscapes, we have one rule with any of our finishes due to the versatility … samples…samples…samples! (and mock-ups…which is just a larger, on-site sample).

Stay tuned for our new “polished concrete” page on our website!

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