Artful Steps at the Art Museum

It took multiple crews from Colorado Hardscapes to install 76 steps, 2 landings and 1200 square feet of specialty polished concrete at the Denver Art Museum. This concrete contained a special blend of concrete and rocks. The specialty rock which we added to the mix was especially difficult to get this year due to the flooding last September which washed away the pit. The client chose the specialty mix design because of the fabulous concrete we polished at the Clyfford Still Museum, which we matched at the Denver Art Museum in this application. Colorado had one crew pour and form all of the steps off-site. Another crew poured the interior floors. And yet another crew polished all of the steps and the flooring. Because of the design of the steps, each step required polishing on all 6 sides. Because they were made of solid concrete and sizes were 4’x18” and 10’x18”, polishing all 6 sides was not an easy task. There were also 6 different conditions for the steps that required special organization to help with the on-site installation. Special templates were used to make sure the steps stayed flat when polishing.  Because of code we needed to make sure every step was uniform in size.  Polishing crew worked two shifts a day in order to complete the work in time. Colorado Hardscapes worked for Saunders Construction on this project.

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