Benedict Park

The landscape architect, Jamie with Stanley Consultants, came to Colorado Hardscapes with a vision to bring decorative colored concrete to the City of Brighton at their new remodel at Benedict Park. We worked with Jamie for West Valley Plaza and Promenade in West Valley, Utah, so he already knew what he wanted to achieve in Brighton. The Brighton stream is a little smaller in scale, but with Jamie’s design, it is extremely interactive and gives the impact needed for this park. Colorado Hardscapes placed uncolored broom finish concrete, colored broom finish concrete, colored Sandscape, and specialty Lithocrete in and around the new splash pad stream. The stream dips in the center to allow water to flow from one end to the other. The Lithocrete meanders in and out of the flow of water.

Decorative Concrete by Colorado Hardscapes Decorative Concrete by Colorado Hardscapes

About half way through the project, the team approached Colorado Hardscapes to take a look at the skate park. Although Colorado Hardscapes never installed a skate park before, with a little guidance from the design team and the skate park drawings and details, we were able to craft the skate park as designed. Our crews’ attention to detail, strive for innovation, and pursuit of excellence in quality helped achieve the top quality paving in both the skate park and splash pad at Benedict Park.

Skate Park
Skate Park
Skate Park
Skate Park

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