Template Sandblasting Alternative

We’ve seen and been involved in many parks, learning landscapes and playgrounds with the growing popular detail of sandblasted images. Sandblasted images are fun, you can create great designs in the surface of the concrete, tell stories, paint pictures, and more! But… unfortunately they don’t last forever. Sure, we can supply re-usable templates to the maintenance team with a can of spray paint and hope they line it up correctly when re-doing it in a few years. But, eventually the stain/paint fades and traffic will make the images slowly melt into the surrounding paving. In a few more years, the design intent will have faded or possibly completely disappeared. The most common color we use in staining sandblasted art is “black”, to give it a nice shadowing effect from the other concrete…so not many jazzy colors or detail beyond the shape itself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love sandblasting. I think designers can get very creative with the possibilities of sandblasted art. However, I think in many instances, there is a better way. Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but you’ll get way more bang for your buck. Imagine an image in concrete which will last as long as the concrete will. Imagine vivid colors and an artistic touch. Yep – that’s what you’ll get when using a LithoMosaic over sandblasting. LithoMosaic is the artful process of combining the art of mosaics with the quality and craftsmanship of decorative concrete.

We installed this sandblasted tree several years ago at a park in Erie – very cool design and pattern, but imagine what it could’ve looked like as a LithoMosaic (in all fairness, we weren’t aware of the art of LithoMosaics back when we installed this tree):

Sandblasted and stained tree in a park in Erie, CO. Sandblasting and staining by Colorado Hardscapes
Sandblasted and stained tree in a park in Erie, CO. Sandblasting and staining by Colorado Hardscapes

And this is a color palette example for a LithoMosaic flower in a bed of colored Sandscape:

LithoMosaic flower

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