Concrete tree along a river in Colorado

Concrete trees are a great addition to playgrounds with their durability and natural implications. Concrete is a durable product that will serve a park for many years and is a flexible design tool to create unique play structures. The concrete fox hollow shown here and the log steppers are new additions to a park opening this year in Denver. This unique park is next to the South Platte River with some large cottonwood trees upstream. The large cottonwoods inspired the design, coloration and texture used for this fox hollow.

Prior to constructing this concrete structure, Colorado Hardscapes made a maquette, which showed each element of the fox hollow. It worked ins safe climbing zones, peak windows, and a built in table (or seat – depending on the child’s imagination) inside the fox hollow for imaginative play. After a couple review meetings and slight adjustments, the approved maquette was turned over to the rock artisans at Colorado Hardscapes. The artisans formed and carved the tree based on the maquette. With their understanding of how trees weather and age, they created the bark, raw wood, and colored according to the natural weathering a tree would experience in this location. In the next few weeks, playground surfacing will surround the fox hollow. The concrete log steppers (complete with worm holes) will be placed around a nearby playground, giving the subliminal message they were once part of this large cottonwood tree.

Stay tuned for finished photos of this fascinating project along the river!

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