New AIA Approved Course – Decorative Concrete Construction Details

Colorado Hardscapes is proud to be a AIA Continuing Education provider. For 2016 we are launching some new courses. One course we now offer is on Decorative Concrete Details:

Course Objectives: 

  1. Identify key attributes of decorative concrete mix designs
  2. Compare concrete reinforcement options
  3. Discover the difference between control joints, expansion joints and decorative joints
  4. Define 3 ways to color new concrete and 7 different ways to finish the same mix of concrete

Course Description:

Specifying decorative concrete poses many challenges as it comes to mix designs, reinforcement, joints and finish options. This course is designed to explore what makes up the mix designs for decorative concrete finishes, clearly defines reinforcement options and purposes and provides the attendee with the information needed to properly specify and design with decorative concrete. By the end of the course, the attendee will be able to clearly understand what coloring techniques to use, what to look for in concrete mix designs, finish options along with corresponding budgets and different joint details for concrete flatwork. The course will end with an actual project case study showing installed instances of each element identified in the course.

1 hour course

Course number: Concrete201



This course is an instructor led course for face-to-face presentation in CO. If your firm is interested in this presentation, please contact Karen Keyes at



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