New AIA Approved Course! Decorative concrete in parks

New for 2016, Colorado Hardscapes is offering a new AIA approved course looking at decorative concrete in parks and playgrounds.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify 4 different vertical decorative concrete options for parks and playgrounds.
  2. Explore different coloring options for decorative concrete flatwork in parks
  3. Explain the different finish options and benefits of each in a park setting
  4. Understand the process required to construct different decorative concrete elements.


Course Description:

By diving into 3 case studies of different parks, attendees will be able to understand how different concrete finish and color techniques helped bring the designers’ visions to reality. Attendees will gain an understanding of the different color and finish options for concrete applicable to playgrounds and parks. We will explore horizontal and vertical decorative concrete elements in the 3 different parks, talk about the design process of each as well as the construction techniques.  We will explore a playful park and playground, a natural playground and a community open space park to show the variety available in different applications.

This course is an instructor led course for face-to-face presentation in CO. If your firm is interested in this presentation, please contact Karen Keyes at

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