Aggregates in Decorative Concrete – New AIA Approved Course

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the dynamics sand and aggregates have to the overall appearance of decorative concrete.
  2. Explore decorative concrete options beyond traditional exposed aggregate.
  3. Understand the risks and challenges associated with adding decorative aggregates or materials to concrete mix designs.
  4. Identify 4 decorative aggregate techniques to create different options for decorative concrete


Course Description:

Back in the 1980’s, exposed aggregate was very popular. We are seeing an uptick in the reemergence of this trend, but to an evolved state. This course will look at exposed aggregate as the baseline, but dive into the more decorative and innovative applications of using specialty aggregates in decorative concrete. We will explore seeding aggregates and glass into decorative concrete, light exposure of sands or other specialty materials, using regional aggregates for color variation, and incorporating artwork in to decorative flatwork through the use of aggregates and glass. With innovation and change comes risks and design considerations. With each option we will identify these challenges and go over the best practices for each application.


This course is an instructor led course for face-to-face presentation in CO. If your firm is interested in this presentation, please contact Karen Keyes at

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