Artificial Rock Design & Construction – new AIA approved course

Artificial Rock Design & Construction

Course Objectives

  1. Identify 3 design considerations that should go into every design with natural or artificial rocks.
  2. Understand the dynamics of coloration and weathering for artificial rocks
  3. Explain the effect of social responsibility and impact landscape design and artificial rock design has on projects
  4. Explore when, why and how to design and build with artificial rock versus real rock


Course Description:

Many artificial rock projects turn fake very quickly. This course will educate architects on when it makes sense to design with artificial rocks and how to avoid a fake looking end product. By diving into the geomorphology of rocks, attendees will gain an understanding on how rocks move and age and how that should effect the placement, coloration and design of rock features. In addition, the course explains the impact of good design on society and how features such as artificial rock can make a positive impact by taking in consideration the end user and audience.


This course is an instructor led course for face-to-face presentation in CO. If your firm is interested in this presentation, please contact Karen Keyes at

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