Create a lasting impression

When we did more stamped concrete, we used to you the phrase, “quality makes a lasting impression” more in our marketing efforts. But, just because we don’t imprint as much as we used to doesn’t mean that goal is any weaker than before. One of our goals at Colorado Hardscapes is to continue to raise the bar for decorative concrete. Now, we are fortunate to have many great resources available to us – and the biggest assets we have are people. This is both internal and external.

We are extremely blessed to have like-minded individuals working for us, who have worked for us for decades. These employees not only know their stuff, they are willing to try and learn new things as well. And, they go above and beyond what I would consider to be typical. This weekend I had one of our crews out to my house, and they showed up an hour earlier than they had said they would, just to ensure everything was ready. They put plastic up, but didn’t put red tape on the siding because they were concerned it could hurt the finish of the house. They measured and re-situated a few things, made sure the ramps and wheelbarrows were ready and did everything in their power to ensure the job would be a success, before concrete ever showed up. The rest of the day went equally as well and they continued to ensure the details and the big picture were as perfect as humanly possible. And I must say, they succeeded. It’s amazing how much employees who genuinely care can make such a big difference in making that “lasting impression”.

The other asset we have are the external people in our lives. And by that, I mean the associations and networks we have. This includes the relationships we have with architects and landscape architects who are innovative and help push that envelope. And, it includes those colleagues of ours across the states who are like-minded. Many of these we found through organizations such as Bomanite and ASCC (American Society of Concrete Contractors). Both groups have companies and individuals who have the same passion and drive as we do, and by collaborating with them, the industry as a whole can grow as well as the individual companies. We will never say that we know it all, because we don’t, and we never will. But chances are, one of our concrete friends may have an answer that we don’t know and they are only a phone call away. This week we are excited to chart off to the Bomanite Annual Conference in Florida to do just that – learn with and from our concrete friends, to continue our efforts to leave a lasting impression in the decorative concrete industry as a whole group of dedicated contractors.

Special thanks to all of those people who help make those impressions on a daily basis: our employees, designers, clients, and concrete friends.

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