Coloring concrete with aggregates

We live in a new era of decorative concrete, where integral color or stamping are old news. The latest trend is exposed aggregate, but not the exposed aggregate we saw in the 80’s. Today’s exposed aggregate takes the 80’s version to a whole new level. From simply exposing the sand, like in Sandscape, the concrete can have an instant color transformation just by utilizing the sand within the mix (especially here in Colorado where we have beautiful sands and aggregates). Sandscape is a subtle enhancement to everyday concrete, but I am often caught off guard by how beautiful even uncolored concrete can look once the warmth of the sand is exposed.

However, we don’t stop there with the new trends of exposed aggregate. There are also techniques to either introduce new aggregates into the entire mix of concrete, or to seed decorative aggregates and even glass into the concrete. The beauty of exposure can be dramatic or subtle – depending on desired aesthetic.

Here are just a few examples of the possibilities:

Written by Karen Keyes of Colorado Hardscapes

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